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Mechanical control systems > Single lever side mount controls

B183, B184 and B85 series

Single lever / dual action control to operate both throttle and shift.
Suitable for any type of boats with outboard, inboard or I/O power plants.

Enables easy and safe shifting by preventing accidental gear engagement unless engine is idling
Can be installed horizontally or vertically, on the starboard or port side of the boat
Provided with a brake tension release system adjustable from outside
Pull-out handle disengages shift for warm-up
Includes X12 neutral safety switch which prevents in-gear starting
Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X12 or X50 safety switch is installed
All models are provided with positive lockin neutral to prevent accidental gear engagement
B184 models are provided with a power trim switch conveniently located in the handle grip that enables for easy tilting of the engine
For use with:
- All Ultraflex control cables except C4, C36 and MACH36
- Mercury®\ current OMC®\ Yamaha® \ Suzuki® Honda® \ Volvo® style cables
- 33C style cables
Ultraflex C5, C16, MACH5 and Mercury® cables require K35 - 34730 U connection kit
Ultraflex C22 and C23 cables require KB1 - 39964 L connection kit

- 38945 B
Provided with a positive lock-in neutral
B184 - 38946 D
Provided with a positive lock-in neutral and trim switch
B85 - 35682 I
Standard model, smooth design for use on sailboats. Provided with a positive lock-in neutral.
B184Merc - 39773 D
For MERCURY® or MERCRUISER® engines.
It includes X50 - 38817 S neutral safety switch for trim and tilt functions and K35 - 34730 U connection kit for Mercury® cables.