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Boat Steering and Control Systems

Established in 1935 as a flexible metal hose producer, Ultraflex has grown to lead the design, development, and manufacturing of the Marine Steering and Control Systems.

Like the wake which widens from the transom of a boat, Ultraflex’s breadth of product line has grown steadily and naturally since our “boat” first went to sea in 1935. Starting with mechanical controls and going to rotary steering systems featuring a planetary gear design, to efficiency leading control cables, to state of the art hydraulic steering systems, and precision electronic controls, Ultraflex continually strives to surpass customer’s expectations for performance, innovation, quality, customer service and durability.

Ultraflex products can be found as original equipment on the finest boats built around the world. And, aftermarket parts are available worldwide through a highly trained and well stocked distribution network.

Our commitment to the marine industry includes a long history of investment in technology, research and development, process control, and human capital to ensure that Ultraflex continues to lead steering and control systems, related products and beyond.

98% of the earth’s surface is covered with water….enjoy it with 100% confidence in steering and control systems by Ultraflex.