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ODERICO steering wheels

ODERICO steering wheels ´´Vero volante italiano´´ STEERING WHEELS

ODERICO steering wheels

• Standard 3/4’’ taper

• Hub included

• Meet with the EN 28848 and ABYC P22 standards

• All UFLEX steering wheels meet the EEC directive 94/25 requirements about pleasure boats. All steering wheels are CE marked in conformity with the EN 28848 – EN 29775 and ABYC P22 safety standards


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
69563L ODERICO V B/SS/CH Vynil grip, chrome hub Ø 350 mm -13.8´´
69564N ODERICO V B/SS/B Vynil grip, balck hub Ø 350 mm -13.8´´
69570H ODERICO L B/SS/CH Leather grip, chrome hub Ø 350 mm -13.8´´
69565R ODERICO L B/SS/B Leather grip, black hub Ø 350 mm -13.8´´