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1935 Aldo Giosuè Gai founded Ultraflex in Genoa, flexible metal hoses as first production.  
1946 Remote control cables production.
1950 New factory in Genoa – Sturla.
1953 First products for marine applications.
1960 New factory in Recco (Genoa).
1964 Family second generation in force, starting of architectural business.
1976 IL founded in Leivi (Genoa) fully dedicated to industrial production. Marine export to the USA.
1980 The factory in Recco is largely increased.
1985 Plastic steering wheels for marine applications.
1988 Ultraflex Control Systems founded in Genoa, fully dedicated to architectural business.Uflex founded in Genoa, dedicated to product distribution.
1989 Family third generation in force;
Uflex USA founded in Seattle, WA.
1993 Ultraflex new factory in Casella (Genoa).
1996 Uflex Energy Division, fully dedicated to RE and energy saving technologies.
1998 Marine accessory production starts in Seattle, WA.
Ultraflex Control Systems new factory in Busalla, Genoa.
1999 New offices and warehouse opened in Sarasota, FL.
2000 I.L. Production facility in Carasco (Ge) is largerly increased.
2001 Group holding Finultra founded in Genoa.
Introduction of marine electronic products.
2002 Uflex USA, new factory in Sarasota, FL.
First installation of Gilux.
2003 Ultraflex Control Systems, new factory in Busalla, Genoa.
2007 Production of hydraulic steering systems in Sarasota.
Release of high range Vero Volante Italiano steering wheels.Production of Trim Tabs in Genoa.
2014 UCS starts manufacturing BMSline chain actuators: Smart Window Actuators for integration in Building Management Systems